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A live streaming website where you connect with completely random strangers with a webcam and microphone. Every other person you connect to is a horny dude wanking, or if you're a chick, you are asked to see your tits. You disconnect with you want and keep talking if the person's chill. Same concept as Omegle except you see them.
Dude, I just saw someone take a shit on chatroulette.
by jerseyshore January 17, 2010
A traditional annual contest held and organized by the students of Holmdel High School in New Jersey without the supervision of staff members (who are aware). Every year around early spring, the upperclassmen guys brainstorm the hottest girls in the school (usually consisting of a female teacher or two) and create a bracket. Likewise, the upperclassmen girls get together and come up with the best looking guys. Ongoing for approximately a month, multiple "contestants" are eliminated weekly based on who's hotter than who and this is determined by hearing out the students' opinions. This bracket is posted and updated on a website and the website is taken down at the end of the contest. There are typically loads of kids carrying a printed copy with them in school and sharing it with their friends, but the staff stays on the lookout and if they catch you with the bracket in your hand, you automatically get a detention. In the end, you're virtually crowned best looking girl and guy of the school, but you don't win anything except an ego boost.
Did you see who moved up on the holmdel bracket this week?
by jerseyshore January 17, 2010
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