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noun - the occurance of dating two people at one time, when one relationship is ending and anther is beginning.

verb - to have two dating relationships that are beginning and ending concurrently.
1. Did you date Peter and Jon at the same time?

Not really. It was an overlap.

2. Peter and I broke up after I met Jon. He was my overlap.

3. You dated a girl named SherriLynne?
NO, i dated two girls, Sherri and Lynne. It was an overlap.
by jerseygirl219 May 25, 2007
noun; straight girl who acts as the wingwoman for a lesbian friend.

taken from the dynamic duo, Lucy, the comic lead, and Ethel, who acted as the straight (wo)man.

an ethel paves the way for, talks up and stands by her lead even if it means following her into crazy shenanigans, in order for her lucy to hook up.

similar to a wingman, an ethel distracts other girls who may try to pussy block.
Dan: Why do you look so tired?
Amy: I'm hungover. Julie asked me to be her ethel for a girl she met at Twats, but then got nervous and had us all do 12 different types of shots.
Dan: Did they hook up?
Amy: I don't think so.
Dan: Juuuliiee! You've got some 'splanin to do!
Amy: Tell me about it.
by jerseygirl219 May 01, 2009
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