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A member of the professional staff at elementary, middle and high schools. Typically run a small clinic within a school, aiming to meet the medical needs of students that arise during the school day. They usually give routine medications, offer first aid, a whole lotta ice packs, juice boxes and limitless naps.

Yes, they can see through your bs, they know what "real sick" looks like and they send you back to class fast if you are annoying.
"hey, I'm bored in class, I think I'll ask to go to the school nurse so I can waste some time before lunch"

"The school nurse is someone who doesn't judge, I think I'll go tell her my life story"

"I should be embarrassed that I've been to the school nurse 12 times already this year and it's only October, but that's not stopping me from going to see her again today"
by JennyC October 15, 2012
Lol means laugh out loud, commonly used on msn by lazy people with a non existent vocab who hav nothing good to say. Use this word wisley,
bill: hey how r u
nob: im gd thanks, u
bill: yep im gd
nob: lol

by jennyc August 20, 2005

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