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-a word used as fuck or frick
-used in napoleon dynamite
'flippin idiot, gawd!'
by jenna rae June 07, 2005
word used to describe something cool or awesome...etc...
'that is soo moose!'
by jenna rae June 07, 2005
only the best movie ever
'ur mom goes to college...'
'tina u fat lard come get ur dinner!'
'i'll bake her a cake or sumfing'
'fricken idiot, gawd!'
'a 12-gage, whaddaya think!?'
'i shot like 50 of them, what would you do in that situation!?'
by jenna rae June 07, 2005
a word used to describe someone or sumthing that isn't cool...
'omg, she is soo squirrel...'
by jenna rae June 07, 2005
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