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A doyen of Australian culture, similar to the American "redneck". Easily spotted due to penchant for sporting mullet haircuts, wearing black jeans and flannel shirts, and driving big old cars such as Valiants, Falcons or H-series Holdens while listening to AC/DC or Metallica.
"You'd better get a haircut soon, you're starting to look like a bogan!"
by Jenesis September 09, 2004
1. masturbate
2. hit across buttocks as a disciplinary measure
3. to defeat soundly
1. "Man, I'm gonna spank to that Alisha Klass video tonight."
2. "Next time you spill your drink, I'll spank you."
3. "Brother, the Cowboys will completely spank the 49ers tomorrow."
by Jenesis October 01, 2005
1. Idiotic, stupid, not too clever.
2. Insane, crazy.
"I hear your cousin crashed his car again."
"Yeah, the guy's totally fucked in the head."
by Jenesis September 09, 2004
Dimwitted person, slow on the uptake.
"Where's that dropkick Gordon, he was supposed to be here an hour ago?"
by Jenesis September 09, 2004
From the Latvian: "lure of the animal". An irresistable male sexual spell that attracts women like you wouldn't believe.
The priest told Kramer to bathe in vinegar and wear garlic cloves to cure his kevorka.
by Jenesis September 09, 2004
One who twangs, masturbator, jerk-off, wanker.
"Look at that guy there driving a Beetle."
"Heh, what a twanger."
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
Australian shortening of "this afternoon."
"Hey Bevan, when are you going down to the pub?"
by Jenesis September 09, 2004
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