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where no one knows how to drive with their heads outside their asses.
I'll make this illegal u-turn in temecula, but honk at the cars that I almost hit.
#idiots #can't drive #wannabe yuppies #murrieta #pechanga casino
by jenacyde April 22, 2009
a pathetic city in the northern section of the county of san diego. filled with lovely meth-induced flames and smoke from all the cook houses. Added to the charisma are cholos, from one of three gangs...santos, westside, and diablos. All of which are sorry ass pisas who end up working for the City. You have a large portion of rich white suburban kids who wear the stuff you they see on either MTV or BET. And there's the occasional filipino or black person. But no one really cares about them. EsconDILDO, as it's residents better know it as, is also referred to as the 'Black Hole' of San Diego, as it's residents seem to never leave, or always return. Little known fact; Sister city of El Cajon, due to both cities being heavily populated by tweekers on bicycles.
I live in Escondido, and I have a bicycle. Now what happened to my pizzle?
#tweeker #cholos #escondido #pisa #dildo #el cajon
by jenacyde April 28, 2009
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