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a popular saying from a budwiser advert bak in da day. means ' howa u '
random1: wasssssssssuuuuup!
random2: wasssssssssuuuuup!
random3: wasssssssssuuuuup!
random1: not mch, chillin, watchin the game, havin a bud!
random2: tru
random3: tru
by jefi b December 08, 2004
a spasticly retarded individual, who cant tell their arse from their elbow
that sam is such a spaktard
by jefi b December 07, 2004
french for the bitch, used mainly by irish ppl.
he le bitch ( irish accent)
by jefi b December 07, 2004
chav's who walk around with burberry scarfs over there faces and there chav caps, hu recokon they are ninjas. they go around n chav stuff outta ur pokets n are gone b4 u knows it.
"last nite these ninja chavs chaved my gold spray painted shoes!"
" dude reali"
" yea u knows it"
by jefi b December 07, 2004
a little russian man hu sits inside a bagette machine, at butlins, and makes fucking awsume bagettes! onli down side he wasnt in wen i wanted one!
fuck wheres the cossak man at, i wants me bagette!
by jefi b December 07, 2004
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