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A mythical demon or creature similar to the Collin that sucks the life force out of healthy or innocent individuals.
"Oh man, did you see that spooky critter back there?"
"Yeah, I think it was a succubus."
by Jeffy Wallboy August 06, 2008
Of or relating to a Shakespearian play.
Hamlet is such a gromak name.
by jeffy wallboy August 06, 2008
1.Of or relating to the mythical vagina crust.
Don't sleep with her she's got mad crust.
by jeffy wallboy August 06, 2008
Referring to a puny individual or a pathetic effort.
"Shadoe Sandford needs to get his weight up, he is such Weaksauce compared to Carlos."
by jeffy wallboy August 06, 2008

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