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A common disease aflicting modern humans. Symptoms include not being able to see information on a screen in front of them, not reading directions clearly, or not scrolling down to see all the information presented. Symptoms aggrivated by use of the internet.
Do you have scrolliosis or can you see the comments I made on your spreadsheet?
by tech.support.mama October 03, 2013
Curvature of thumbs, fingers, or wrists due to scrolling too much on the computer
After researching my last school project, I am quite sure I have scrolliosis.
by jeffstick November 15, 2010
A physical condition of extreme eye strain caused by working on multiple monitors with several multi-page documents and/or web pages in use simultaneously.
John got a bad case of Scrolliosis working on that Word document and browsing the web at the same time.
by Nasa racer August 05, 2010