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A political party or ideology brought to the forefront of politics by Ron Paul. The main points of this party focus on reducing the size of the Federal Government, pulling the US out of foreign wars it does not need to be a part of, opening up free trade, eliminating federal income tax, and going back to the Gold Standard or a similar economic basis.
I was fed up with the cookie cutter BS the republicans and democrats were using to run this country, so I decided vote ronpaulblican to insure myself the freedoms the Constitution promises.
by jeffrjohn January 09, 2008
Having the balls to put all your money into an investment that will either make you rich or make you bankrupt.
I cant believe Keith put his life savings into that potato-sculpture company! The man must have investicles the size of coconuts!
by jeffrjohn February 11, 2007
noun; A meal bought for a date with the intention of getting laid afterward.
I bought my date dinwhore, but she worked it off in the sack that night.
by jeffrjohn April 25, 2006

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