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it is a combo of sweet and wicked
but it is a hell of alot better
1- listen to this song its so wicked
2- dood that song is sweet
1+2- its Shwiked!!!
by jefferylucille February 27, 2009
1.) when something is really heinous

2.) to describe anything that sucks.

3.) can be used as a synonym for jacking off
1- oh man i went to this party and some one slipped me a rufe
2- shit son, thats beat!

1- i was beating off last night and my bird walked in
2- thats so beat
by jefferylucille November 29, 2009
it is like the word w00t!, woot, wOOt!, or w00t.
but alot better
{group of wannabe cool kids walking down street}
cool girl- W00p!
lame kids- WTF?!?
by jefferylucille February 18, 2009
it is the same thing as jesus christ, shit, fuck, damnit, or any other obscene curses
james- shit i just fucked up your hair cut
kid getting haircut- crimeny james
you fuzzle winkle
james- sorry
by jefferylucille February 18, 2009
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