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One of the greatest albums of any musical genre to ever grace the shelves of music stores. First album by American rock group Van Halen, featuring;
Eddie Van Halen - guitar, backing vocals
David Lee Roth - vocals
Alex Van Halen - percussion
Michael Anthony - bass, backing vocals


1. "Runnin' With the Devil" (Van Halen) – 3:35
2. "Eruption" – (Van Halen) - 1:42
3. "You Really Got Me" (Ray Davies) – 2:37
4. "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" (Van Halen) – 3:49
5. "I'm the One" (Van Halen) – 3:46
6. "Jamie's Cryin'" (Van Halen) – 3:30
7. "Atomic Punk" (Van Halen) – 3:01
8. "Feel Your Love Tonight" (Van Halen) – 3:42
9. "Little Dreamer" (Van Halen) – 3:22
10. "Ice Cream Man" (John Brim) – 3:19
11. "On Fire" (Van Halen) – 3:00
wow... Van Halen I... not one bad track on the entire album... NOT ONE BAD TRACK! kick ass album right here. Eruption... *gasp*... simply beautiful. *rant rant rant*
by jeffersonaeius September 03, 2006
Rising conservative, militaristic, and nationalistic American political movement advocating;
1) expansion of the United States military and the power of the military to strike down its enemies without beaurecratic bickering slowing down the process to the point of limited success or failure.
2) establishment of a military oligarchy, run by a competent, educated, decisive overlord ("commander-in-chief")
3) the right to forcefully eliminate opposition demostrations, as they are 95% of the time clueless and corrupted by the evil's of a materialistic society and are "informed" on world events via 'The Daily Show' and 'MTV "news"'.
4) a theoretical American governmental system that could very well bring about world peace under the wings of the great imperial eagle.
Guy #1: dude, the Imperium Party would have me killed if it actually existed.
Guy #2: the way things are going, it WILL exist in some form within a few decades.
by jeffersonaeius September 07, 2006

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