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2 definitions by jeffc1911

A yellowish ring-like residue around the lips resultant from performing fellatio on an unclean, uncircumcised penis. The penis in this state often resembles a turtle neck smothered in ricotta cheese and the detritus commonly smells of fetid milk and the stale sweat of an old gym sock used as a receptacle for masturbation.
"Hey Steve - why are you wearing so much Blistex?"

"Oh dude, I just blew the foreign exchange student for bus fare and he gave me a euro cheese dog."
by jeffc1911 September 23, 2009
A very advanced sexual maneuver wherein the male partner receives a blumpkin while squatting over the woman's chest. As the stool drops (loose stool is preferable), the male transitions to the mexican chili dog. With climax approaching, he transitions to a hasty dirty sanchez and finishes with a transition to the strawberry shortcake. (Note: it is equally acceptable to complete the maneuver with a sad clown.)
"Dude, how did it go last night?"

"Man, she wouldn't go for the blumpkin, so I couldn't execute the transition drill. It was still pretty hot though."
by jeffc1911 September 22, 2009