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You stick the open end of a sock up a girls butt, she takes a pull it out and slap her in the face with it.
When we got done I gave her the gym sock.
by ADS CLM November 17, 2007
A sexual act in which you deficate in your fowl gym sock and tie the top. Then during intercourse you whip out the feces filled sock and proceed to beat her for six to seven minutes until the feces seeps through the sock. You then untie it and pour the contents onto her/him.
My bitch was giving me head then I "gym socked" her so good.
by Tyler Spiegeland November 15, 2007
Whe a man takes a huge steaming shit in a tube sock and proceeds to beat his women with it.
Man i fuckin' hit that betch with my gym sock last night.
by shitwag November 16, 2007
A place for a guy to jack off
Dude, i gym socked last night.
haha you fag
by Kirmel953 August 19, 2008
after your done working out another woman fuck your true partner then "skeet-skeet" on her face and whipe it off with your sweaty sock
using a old sweaty gym sock zeke and colleen after kailey
by jacob clancy November 16, 2007
When my room mate blows his load into a tube sock and then puts it on.
Aaron putting on a warm cum filled stocking and going to class. and then poures it all over his face. gym sock.
by lee ryan November 07, 2007
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