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the act of ejaculating copious amounts, upwards of two fluid ounces, onto a woman's face
Dude, I gave that bitch a super facial. The looked like a crispy creme!
by jeff clement June 14, 2008
v. to ejaculate onto a females face and to let the semen dry, as to resemble the glaze of a crispy creme donut
She wanted me to give her the ole crispy creme cuz it revitalizes and lifts the face.
by jeff clement June 14, 2008
literal term for agnostics
You're agnostic? Ohhh! You mean you're a pussy atheist!
by jeff clement June 14, 2008
an atheist in lack of testicals
Agnostic? What's that?

An atheist without balls...
by jeff clement June 14, 2008

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