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A 250 mph, midengine sportscar produced by Mustang tuner, Steven Saleen.
The Saleen S7 was featured in "Bruce Almighty".
by Jeff Goven July 08, 2006
An American SuperCar of the 1980's that used a motor based on the Chevy 350 putting out 650 hp to the rear wheels. The motor was aluminum with twin turbos and sat behind the seats, but in front of the rear wheels (rear mid engine). It had jacknife doors like a Lamborghini. Vector Aeromotive was started by Jerry Weigert. It was later purchased by Proton, who also owned Lamborghini for awhile. Therefore, later Vectors had Lamborghini motors.
The Vector W2 (and W8) was in the same vein as Ferrari and Lamborghini, but the original versions with their American mechanicals were more akin to the GT40, Mangusta, Pantera, Saleen S7, Mosler, and new Ford GT.
by Jeff Goven July 02, 2006
Bug Killers that are very safe for humans and pets.
Safe Bug Killers:

#1) 90+% Isopropyl Alcohol in a spray bottle is great for killing flies that get into the house.

#2) Put flea-bitten pet in empty bathtub. Soak your pet with Hydrogen Peroxide to kill fleas. Let sit for 3 minutes, then shower or bathe pet.

#3) Spray furniture polish on spiders to kill them.
by Jeff Goven August 01, 2006
It's a hardtop. Push a button. The top goes down. It's a convertible.
The Pontiac G6 and Mazda Miata are both now available as affordable power hardtop convertibles.
by Jeff Goven January 01, 2007
The first Capri was in the 1940's. It was Amerian.

In the 1960's and 70's Mercury imported a Capri made by Ford of Europe.

In 1979, and into the early 80's, the Mercury Capri was a slightly different looking version of the Ford Mustang.

In the 1990's Mercury used the Capri name on a Mazda based 2-seat convertible.
The Mustang based Mercury Capri was a great car, but it looked TOO MUCH like a Mustang. They both looked great, they just should have looked more DIFFERENT.

The 1967-69 Mercury Cougar was a PERFECT example of how to make a DIFFERENT looking Mustang for Mercury.

FORD: Why not give us a NEW Mercury Capri and a NEW Mercury Cougar. Make them Mustang-like, but, make the Capri a slightly smaller 2-seater, and the Cougar a slightly larger car with a REAL back seat. While your at it, we in the snowbelt/rustbelt could really use plastic bodies (no rust) and AWD (for winter traction).
by Jeff Goven July 14, 2006
There are many different definitions of musclecar (see the two word spelling: muscle car). Common elements are
American + 2 door + V8 + rear wheel drive. Some people even add a date/time/year element (silly, I think). Some people add a price element, ie, a musclecar provides good power at an affordable price, whereas a supercar provides good power, but is very expensive.

I propose that a musclecar is simply any car with muscle, ie, a good power-to-weight ratio. I suggest 10 pounds or less per horsepower. Therefore, a MINIMUM requirement would be:

2,000 lbs. = 200+ hp.
3,000 lbs. = 300+ hp.

To go with the economy idea, say $100 per hp. Therefore, the 2,000 lb., 200 hp car would cost $20,000. The 3,000 lb., 300 hp car would cost $30,000. Unfortunately, the $ amounts would have to be adjusted with inflation.

Maybe we could come up with a definition that does NOT need modification with time, rating the musclecar as a percentile of the new car population available that year.

We could say the 0-60 and quarter mile times must be better than 75% of the other new cars available that year.

We could say the price should be less than 10% above the average price of a new car that year. We could reserve "supercar" for more expensive cars, and raise the performance parameters to 90%+.
by Jeff Goven July 02, 2006
Faux = false or fake. 'mo' is short for "homo(sexual)". Therefore "feaux 'mo' fashion show" means a man wearing clothes that might cause him to appear gay, even though he is not. Such as when a man accidentally (or purposely, for lack of clean clothes) wears an item of his wife's or girlfriend's clothing, not something as overtly feminine as a dress, but, say, some women's jeans, or a shirt that almost, but not quite, looks like a man's shirt.
THOMPSON: Look at the "feaux 'mo' fashion show". It looks like Jeff is accidentally wearing Sarah's CHIC jeans again!
by Jeff Goven January 19, 2007
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