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10 definitions by jeff barouch

a nerdish plugin that automatically responds to an email reply
Hi. This is your friendly Auto Responder email notification message.
by Jeff Barouch July 06, 2004
telecommunications jargon for when a phone co switches your service to their network accidentally on purpose.
"Hey man I just got slammed by xyz co. and they hit me with $100 bill!"
by Jeff Barouch June 28, 2004
a dude from Beth Shemesh.
Ancient Israel Geography.
Yo Samson, you seen any Philistines around here?
by Jeff Barouch July 15, 2004
a bullshit, diplomatic way to says chickenshit.
In top news today; France is using a multilateral approach with its allies in Algeria today,
by Jeff Barouch July 12, 2004
Islander slang. Describes how a tired and ragged look on someones face, that usually occurs around 4:00 pm.
Doctor: "how's the patient doing today?"
Aid: "Every puss has its 4 o'clock"
by Jeff Barouch June 23, 2004
Dis happens when you is lost in a strange country, and you go and asks people if they can count. If they can yous in counter-intelligence.
Q. Hey bro, can you count?
A. Eins, Tsvei, Tzvi, Four , Five.
by Jeff Barouch July 06, 2004
Hebrew slang for a person from the Russian province of Georgia. Males from that region have a particuliar aversion to bathing, and therefore they stink.
"Whooaaa! did you get a whiff of that gruzini coming off his shift!"
by Jeff Barouch June 30, 2004