3 definitions by jebas

amy's word for a wierd person
!eva is a schloofle.
by jebas October 13, 2004
memorial school is a messed up school where the teachers hand out saturday schools like the easter bunny hands out candy. miss "pukeoutofheranus" is the stuckup dick in charge of this shithole. besides the messed up staff, and the knife bearing/ drug smoking kids, this school is ok.
memorial is to middle schools as wyane brady is to black people
by jebas March 23, 2005
HEY DICKS! m pissed that ur trash talking this amasing portable device. my shithole of a school let us out for 4 days for spring break in which i gathered all my pennys and bought me a psp. i was originally gunna get an ipod but i heard from a friend, John Capinmyasshole, that this PSP would rock. so i got it the day it came out and i must say, as a person who was mildley exited when the ds came out, and who has never played a video game for more than 1 hours straight, this thing rox. so far, in 4 days, with one game (need for speed underground rivals) i have logged a total race time (racing, not menu just full on throttle racing) of 9 and 1/2 hours. the graphics are as good if not better than the ps2 and i dont have any cracked lcd crystals. also, my battery lasts an average of 7 hours using it, not just sitting it on a table with the power on, i mean racing or looking at pics or watching SPIDERMAN 2, or rocking out to music or watching internet movies. 19.45 thumbs up
i need to fill up 20 lette.....
by JEBAS March 29, 2005

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