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a name for someone of the opposite sex, not neccesarily for a girlfriend or boyfriend
Hey Boot Tut, get your ass over here!
by Jenn March 18, 2004
a crap ass aisan car thats used to try to win races agains good cars.
there are a lot of freakin rice burners in vancover
by jenn November 20, 2003
1. a very weird/cool kid
2. used in a wicked cool sentence for a wicked cool song
1. You're such a J.Mac sometimes!

2. J.Mac rocks the J.Mac!!!!!
by jenn May 06, 2003
like to pretend they are black and are obessed with boning.Can be found in the gym or dancing on bars. Cant be identified by using vocabulary such as Kup, Lit, and Nucca.
LIT we danced on bars in cancun
by jenn February 13, 2005
basically used as a silly answer to a question u don't know the answer to. usually used to crack a joke despite the fact it might make no sense!
guy 1:"dude, ur small!"
guy 2:"yo momma's small!"
by jenn December 27, 2004
Long for "no problem!" (Must be said with an exclamation point.)
"We ordered an extra martini. Will you take it off our hands?"

"Totes on the okes!!"
by Jenn February 26, 2003
another name for goose bumps
I had to shit so bad, I got chicken littles
by Jenn October 02, 2004
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