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(n) A usually small portion of marijuana that a guy smokes with a girl he likes so that she will (or hopefully) give him head.
"Dude, I don't want to smoke it all... I gotta save some head weed for Jessica later on, man."
by jeFFro June 13, 2004
cheap, dank, average scent but more potent than average gangsta, usually and almost always seedless and very low in s tems, makes you act like jojo. you gotta know who to talk to, cause most dealers will just sell you that cheap ass gangsta for 10 bucks a gram. talkin bout smokin a gram a day, fuck that, i can get 8 g's for 40 or less. dunno what y'all yanks and west coast playa's puff on but shit man, round here fire ass mid owns.
shit man, last night jojo and me smoked somma dat fire ass mid. straight fire nigga!!!
by jeffro September 04, 2004
After a girl has given you oral pleasure, and wants to give you a kiss. You have to place your outstretched hand over her face to stop her.
After getting a bj, she was comin' up for a kiss. I gave her a birdie face and told her to go brush her teeth.
by Jeffro April 21, 2004
Nickname for Phoenix, Arizona. All these other definitions for "pX" are completely whack. Px is Phoenix, baby.
Px is better than Bx. Phoenix represent!
by jeFFro May 20, 2005
(adj.) To shake that ass.
"The way she popped dat pussy, I was like whoa!"
-Eddie Murphy
by jeFFro April 08, 2004
To act tougher than you really are. When somebody tries to act tougher or dominating, but doesn't necessarily pull it off in a believable way.
When I made fun of Jason at the party in front of his girlfriend, he all tried to flex nuts and get up in my face, tellin me he was going to whoop my ass. I told him let's go outside, and he took his girl's hand and pussed out. He tried to flex nuts, then backed down.
by Jeffro April 10, 2007
To put the edges of two old or dull butter knives on the top of a hot stove for a few minutes until extremely hot, and to then pinch small pieces of weed under a cut-out, oversized plastic gallon fruit juice container that has a thick ring of ice/snow inside.
Try kniving. It vaporizes weed and leaves you high as hell!
by jeFFro April 08, 2004

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