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a slang term for sailor jerry spiced rum (the good stuff).
hey man, will you pass me some of that say-jay? ive been trying to get some all night!
by jchronic October 16, 2007
to give extremely dedicated oral sex to a male. referring to the mouth on the freshwater fish.
"oh man, that girl was into me last night, you should have seen her givin the bassmouth!"
by jchronic April 08, 2007
anal sex; to partake in the act of anal sex makes you a sheist heister.
dude, i was really drunk last night and i think your ga friend was trying to pull a sheist heist on me. i couldnt sleep a wink.
by jchronic May 27, 2007
when you have to clean up after particularly long, dirty or brutal sex, you have to run a cock wash.
aww man, wait here babe, i got to go run a cock wash
by jchronic October 16, 2007

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