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1. Snoop Dogg, the incredible rapper from Long Beach...(one of his many nicknames)

2. A "gangzta" spelling of the word 'dogg.'
1. Man, did you see da D O double G in concert last night? shit was off da hook!!

2. Wasup my d o double g??
by jcdluvr27 April 27, 2005
1. The Devil, en Espanol. 2. The nickname of Nathaniel given by Mary and/or Amy.
1. You are Diablo!!

2. Me: "OMG! Did you see "Diablo" in the hallway before second period?!? He looked HOT!"

Mary: "*Synacial Laugh* You are ao...*hits me over the head* Gosh May!"
by jcdluvr27 April 27, 2005

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