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2 definitions by jcbailaz

1) An elderly, incontinent dog that messes itself in it's kennel.

2) A dog that is constantly getting into messes needing frequent bathing.
I had to bathe my cesspoodle AGAIN today after it rolled around in cow manure.
by jcbailaz February 25, 2011
The need to keep tons of things for "sentimental" reasons. The inability to get rid of anything. Usually involves the need to rent storage lockers, because every room in the house and basement is already filled with sentimental knick-knacks and memorabilia.
When Jane moved out of her house, she needed to rent 3 storage lockers to store all of the things she couldn't part with. She suffered from Sentimental Retardation.
by jcbailaz October 30, 2011