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another word for cigarette.
aye man, can i get a squeezy?
#cigarette #square #grit #cig #ciggy
by jbuck June 23, 2007
Act of bending a female over a stump and having intercourse.
"The girlfriend and I went up into the hills to shoot and we got a little frisky so I got some stumpoon."
#sex #pun-tang #stump #stump pun #awesome
by JBuck November 24, 2013
when person "A" blows through the lit end of a cigarette and person "B" inhales the smoke without touching the cig.
Jenna and I did a hot ash and she didn't burn her mouth.
#smoking #tobacco #cigarettes #trailer park boys #2 peeps
by JBuck December 02, 2013
An alcoholic beverage consisting of whiskey and orange juice. Gets the name from the distinctive line by adding whiskey to the orange juice in the glass.
I didn't want to look like an alcoholic this morning by drinking a jack and coke so I ordered a Farmers Tan.
#alcohol #drunk #farming #whiskey #bar
by JBuck December 02, 2013
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