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A test that it is 100% necessary to give to all of your friends before continuing your relationships. The test must be delivered in an inquisitive tone, as to trick the friend into thinking you are also a fan of the band.

Through the administration of this test, we can successfully alienate the Nickelback-loving world, and eventually separate them from us completely in society, leading to our nationwide radio stations being freed from their reign of terror.
"Hey Nick, I just saw that there is a Nickelback concert here in June. You want to go?"

"Dude, I love Nickelback!! Let's do this!"

"Nick! You too? NOOOOOOOOOOO. That was the Nickelback test! Don't ever talk to me again."
by jblakely April 14, 2010
The term for the box depicted underneath a facebook user's profile picture, which allows a status-like message to appear permanently on the on the aforementioned user's profile page.
"Did you see that Laura changed her permastatus? She'd had the old one up there forever!"
by jblakely April 11, 2010
The act of send a text message while in the process of having a vehicular accident.
"I was wondering why Caley sent me a message that said "Aaaaaaahhhhhh!", but then I found out that he had been wrexting me. You should see his car!"
by jblakely February 12, 2010
The act of clicking each link on a person's facebook page in an effort to follow exactly what they have been doing, i.e chasing them through the website
I have to admit, I couldn't stop chasebooking Lisa today. She must have spent hours online, because it took me forever!
by jblakely April 04, 2010
To initiate a sexual act with someone whom you had formally committed the same act.
"I really need some, so i'm going to bite the bullet and get with Celeste again. It's no big deal because it'll be a re-fuck."
by jblakely March 13, 2010
To send a text message while eating in a Tex-Mex style restaurant.
"John just had to tell his girlfriend about the awesome taco he was having, so he started tex-mexaging her."
by jblakely January 17, 2010
An extended reference to GPA (a common acronym for Grade Point Average). G-pa is commonly used as short-term for the word "grandpa" in text or instant messaging.
Yes! I just raised my grandpa a total of .4 for this semester! Now I have a 3.0 on the dot!
by jblakely September 20, 2010
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