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13 definitions by jb_finesse

1. Relating to crunk and other words stemming from it.
2. A very 80's way to say crunk.
1. We shall test the crunkularity of this movie/entertainment device/other.
2. Dude, that's crunkular!
by JB_Finesse May 23, 2005
Unlike that other guy said, this did not originate from Beebo. It originated from PG-13 movies that didn't want to say what the fuck, or had already said fuck once and still wanted it to be a PG-13 movie. Basically a pussy version of what the fuck that sounds way shittier than what the hell. If you hear a guy say "what the shit", slap him. Repeat offenders should be shot, stabbed, thrown into a swimming pool full of rabid badgers, whatever you want.
Dumbass: What the SHIT?

Me: What the FUCK are you talking about? *slaps the dumbass*

Dumbass: What the shit did you do that for?

Me: That's it, asshole. *grabs dumbass by the shirt, throws him into a swimming pool full or rabid badgers*

Dumbass: AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH*continues screaming for several minutes as he is torn apart*
by JB_Finesse December 03, 2005
An object that can only be seen after taking LSD.
I make out objects in the room... A desk, a lamp, a chair, a phung.
by JB_Finesse December 03, 2005
Another word for "over".
Who da FUCK be dat mothafucka ova dere?
by JB_Finesse December 03, 2005
A cap similar to a beret but different. Sometimes retards call them driving caps or golf caps or other stupid shit, but they're not. Seen on old people, Irish people, workers, and the occasional black person.
Call it a golf cap again and I'll blow your fucking head off.
by JB_Finesse May 29, 2005
Actually, this is fueled by the tendency of the non-Irish to confuse Irishmen and Scotsmen. The Scottish evolved small penises because of their tendency to run around freeballing in a battlefield with nothing to protect their willy but a wee kilt!
Dumbass: Hey, why are you wearing that golf cap?
Irish guy: It's a fooken Irish cap! Arsehole.
Dumbass: What, so you're Irish?
Irish guy: No shite!
Dumbass: You're suffering from the Irish curse. Am I right?
Irish guy: It's the Scottish curse, ye dumb fook!
Dumbass:There's a difference?
Irish guy: *sigh* I'd beat ye to death with me own dong but ye'd probably like it. *shoots the dumbass instead*
by JB_Finesse September 23, 2005