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Miskeen is a movement. A blend of fashion, art and music.

Miskeen literly mean "poor" in arabic, but worldwide people usually think about the hot urban fashion brand Miskeen Originals when they talk about "miskeen". This brand was not founded from famous names or piles of money. Miskeen Originals was born in the streets of West-Philadelphia, out of the struggling hands of a dynamite artist who painted shirts with so much passion that his community could not help but love it.

Miskeen is well respected in the urban scene and has always found strong support from the music industry. Especially for music video’s and celebrity photo shoots the customized Miskeen shirts seem to be in high demand. I spotted Jay Z, Diddy and Shaquille O’neill in the colorful one-of-a-kind shirts.

Miskeen's style is fresh, and all shirts are different.

Wow, I love his fit, that shirt is so sick that must be a miskeen.

Miskeen will be present @ the shoot of that new video. Them Miskeen artists will miskeenize the entire scene.
by jazzy Adam November 09, 2006

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