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An idea that is irrational and not based on evidence commensurate with the extraordinary nature of the claim.

The belief that the cosmos operates in conjunction with the benalities of our love lives, interactions and career oppurtunites, etc.
Astrology is bogus...
by jazz4 November 14, 2011
The Inventor of a film.

The most under-valued person in the filmmaking process.
Person#1: "Casablanca, what a masterpiece. You know it took four screenwriters to write that?

Person#2: "What's a Screenwriter?"
by jazz4 March 11, 2011
Or 'Aerophobic' - someone who suffers from mild to intense annoyance at being on an Aeroplane, not necessarily out of fear of crashing...

...Mainly because of the lack of leg-room, strangers and their babies, circulated breathing air, terrible food, the temperature and the knowledge you can do nothing about it until you land in 14 hours - The occasional chance of burning up over the Atlantic adds to the feeling of 'Aerophobia'
Sam - "God, it's hot in here. Hey Mike do you want a peanut?"

Mike - Oh God, I have to get out...let me out, I HAVE AEROPHOBIA!!"
by jazz4 March 07, 2011
One who wears designer pink polo-shirts regularly. Usually people who behave irritatingly in social situations.

Term mainly used in England.

Someone who wears pink, acting like an alpha-male, as their apparent comfortability in this colour renders their hetrosexuality strengthened.
Mike - "Oh my god, look at that guy starting trouble on innocent people, is he actually wearing a pink polo shirt?"

Sam - "Yeah, such a pink-polo."
by jazz4 November 23, 2010
When your procrastination reaches it's peak, followed by the feeling of shame and realisation of how badly you spent your time, avoiding important tasks.
Michael - "Oh God! I've just spent three weeks watching youtube videos when I should have been doing my homework...What a procrastigasm."
by jazz4 February 19, 2011
Amalgamation of 'England' and 'malaise'.

The feeling an English person gets from England's winter weather.

A dark, brooding, cold and wet atmosphere, rendering you tired, uncomfortable with a healthy pinch of depression.
Sam: "Jesus, look at that depressing grey sky, I think it's raining as well - I'm going to stay in today."

Mike: "Yeah, me too. I'm feeling truly 'englaised' - maybe see you in six months when the sun comes out."
by jazz4 February 19, 2011
A mind fuck of the mouth. When one takes a sip of what they think is one thing but is in fact another.
Woah, what a drink-fuck, I could have sworn that was lemonade.
by jazz4 April 16, 2011

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