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Nickname given to someone of Asian origin who's name is Jade.

Jade + Asian= Jasian
Dilan: Hey Jasian, wasssup?

Jasian: Sup
by jayzzzzzz May 18, 2009
Abbreviation for "Sup with dat?"

Which then means "What is up with that?"
Dilan: Check out Alex's new kicks they are like weird and furry...

Jade: SWD??? They are gross

Dilan: I know! SWD?!?!
by jayzzzzzz May 20, 2009
Abbreviation for "So like Sup?"

Which then means "So like what is up?"
Alex: sls pal?

Dilan: just chilling. sls with you?

Alex: Same.
by jayzzzzzz May 20, 2009
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