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One who lames, laming being definded by rude and cheap actions in online multiplayer games. Lamers often choose to get points in dishonerable ways such as killing vulnerable people repeatedly or killing people who are chatting.
Dude, kick that stupid lamer before i have to kill him.
by Jay C October 01, 2003
One of many often used online chat mispellings of regular words, such as teh, or pwn.
Cool htat.
by Jay C September 10, 2003
A word derived from the fusion of adrenaline (a substance produced by the body during intense situations) and orgasm (a sudden explosion of sensation brought on by sexual activity). In this context, an adrenagasm is a sudden burst of neurological activity within the body due to an inspirational event, causing adrenaline levels to increase and the subject to feel as if they are going to wet themselves. Also, hairs may stand on end and the skin may tighten, creating a "staticy" feeling across the skin. These sensations may be brought on by playing fast-paced video games or watching action films or listening to speed metal.
Man, I was listening to Linkin Park and I nearly adrenagasm'd in my pants man.
by Jay C November 24, 2004
the sound you make when you pretend to hit someone
Hey John! Wha-pssh!
by Jay C September 22, 2003
...a scruffy, unkempt person, usually of North-West England descent.
Liam Gallagher, the homeless...etc...
by Jay C June 02, 2004
Abbreviation for Spawn kill. This term is used in online games, meaning "to kill a player just as they respawn, or reappear after dying previously. This act is seen as dishonerable and cheap, and attributed to lamers. The term sk is used most often in avp.
You idiot, that was an sk!
by Jay C October 02, 2003
Sony's attempt at the handheld market, previously dominated by Nintendo's many different cloned variations of the Gameboy and its new gimicky gameboy with a touchscreen known as the Nintendo DS.

There is a fanboyism surrounding Nintendo's effect on the handheld market that has many people discriminating against the PSP. To be frank, the DS and the PSP CAN co-exist in peace as long as the masses understand this:
DS Users are like Pimps.
PSP Users are like badasses.

Where the DS is a handheld being held down by it's predominantly childish manufacturers, the PSP is a handheld for adult gamers. We're growing up, and unless Mario starts hitting stuff with a blunt object, we're moving on.
The PSP is better than it looks.
by Jay C March 24, 2005

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