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4 definitions by jaxercise

an ugly chick you end up with after drinking alot on new year's eve.
wow New Year's eva was ugly
by jaxercise December 31, 2008
4 1
a doctor who specializes in curing his patients hangover.
After last night I will have to visit the Boozdoctor !
by jaxercise December 27, 2008
2 0
When a chicken nugget from any fast food restaraunt is shoved up a males ass then served to the customer.
I ordered 6 mcnuggets and ended up with 6 fudgenuggets.
by jaxercise December 27, 2008
8 7
A flaming latino homosexual who loves when a white homosexual takes a dump on his handlebar mustasche
We saw so many dickants at the mall today!
by jaxercise December 27, 2008
2 4