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The gitare is a mythological creature known to local western Korean villagers to cause mischief during the night. He is known to resemble a small muscular man with extremely furry legs and big pointy teeth. Some say he is never to be trusted. If actually seen napping during the day one is instructed to capture it by whatever means necessary, and immediately see that he is returned to the nearest pineapple nest. Pineapples are known to cause the creature to go into a deep sleep. If approached by a gitare you must not do anything that he requests. Any statements made by any gitare should surely be doubted.
Get off that hammock and quit acting like a gitare!
by Jawatech July 17, 2010
(Fingle-Jank) Verb: To fingle-jank means to do something stupid or unacceptable.

(Fingle-Janked) Past tense, meaning something happened that shouldn't have happened.
"Hey quit fingle jankin and call me back."

"She messed around and fingle-janked her Ex old lady."

"This Movie was Fingle-janked! I want my money back!"

"I'd like to fingle-jank her later."
by Jawatech June 05, 2009
To have sexual relations with multiple partners at once. Typically this consists of one female with two or more males.
"Tara was soo drunk last after the party, she was all about the Mucha Lucha!"

"Hi My name is Matt. Are you down for Mucha Lucha?"
by jawatech September 14, 2011

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