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A regular (not motorized) bicycle that looks like a chopper (type of motorcycle).
A: Man, take a look at that thing. What the hell is is?

B: Looks lika motorcycle without the engine.
A: Yeah, its a motor-bicycle.
B: For damn sure.
by jauntyjackalope June 04, 2010
An original chick flick is a movie that really is stereotypical to the sub-genre called "chick flicks." A movie that is so much a chick flick that it ceases to be just a chick flick and instead becomes a new and improved type of chick flick: "Original Chick Flick."
A: So what kinds of movies do you like?
B: I like pretty much everything. I do have to admit, though, that I have a special soft spot for chick flicks. Like, "Definitely Maybe," have you seen that one?
A: Man, that's not a chick flick. It's an Original Chick Flick.
by jauntyjackalope June 04, 2010
The word face when being said like Snoop Dogg would have said it.

Out of the this, another definition was derived. The act of fizzing (or jizzing) in another person's face.
- Dude, did you see her fizzace?

- Yeah, she looked just like you after I fizzaced you last night...
by jauntyjackalope April 02, 2009

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