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Instead of "that's what she said", but referring to an embarrassing situation, or something that one would rather cover up.
Buffy: "I don't want to go to the beach. I'm having a heavy flow day."

Heather: "That's what BP said!"
#thats what she said #sucks #oil spill #lubricate #ride the red pony
by jasonspsyche June 21, 2010
Engaging confident or brave talk or behavior that is intended to impress other people from the safety of being behind a keyboard instead of in person, usually accompanied by blustering swaggering conduct and a pretense of bravery. Can also describe the quality or state of being foolhardy on social media in a way that one wouldn't otherwise act in other circumstances.
What would have been an otherwise civil debate escalated into an online meltdown due to much keyboard bravado and fragile egos.
#delete spree #post #bravery #social media #troll #coward
by jasonspsyche April 13, 2015
The act of frantically deleting your posts and comments from social media after you've realised you've gone too far.
Nick: "Sorry, about that man. I think Nazi's hacked my Facebook account."
Pat: "No way, dude. We all know you went on a delete spree before you panicked and pulled the plug."
#delete #post #facebook #troll #revoke
by jasonspsyche April 13, 2015
"Digg Under the Influence" - when someone likes or posts something on Digg while high or intoxicated.
Dude, did you see that blog about that guy stacking donuts on his penis on Jim's Digg?

Yeah, musta been a DUI.
#digg #dui #facebook #dwi #drunk
by jasonspsyche July 12, 2010
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