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an object that looks as if it is about to explode, or has make a big assed explosion
**After WWII dudes dropped nukes**
"wow that nuke fucksploded!!"
"I wouldn't want to be hiroshima right now..."
by jasonlovescate March 16, 2007
Very big tits. usually fake, but they are a lot funner to play with.
"Dude look at her jugs"
"they're HUGE"
by jasonlovescate March 22, 2007
where the man lays on his side while he leans foward over the woman, who is leaning back, so they fit together like SPOONS. Hence the term
Im trying to add a pic of some1, reverse spooning, might take awhile, srry
by jasonlovescate March 16, 2007
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