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One of the most popular local radio personalities in the country, so much that he is the main reason that Howard Stern pulled his radio show from the Twin Cities market. He is noted for being the leader of the KQ Morning Show and his voice-over acting, most recently for Home Depot. He isn't afraid to call a fool a fool, even if that person is a minority. People that don't listen to his morning show are known for listening to the overrated (KDWB), overly-cheery (KS95), poser badass/burnout (93X) garbage that every other TC station puts out on weekday mornings. People that complain about his show are hyper-sensitive bleeding hearts that can go listen to the pretentious, stuck-up garbage on MPR anytime.
Tom Barnard's KQ morning show is the best ever, even though the station's music isn't always my favorite.
by jarshrawb April 28, 2009
1. A suburb of Cleveland, Ohio that strives to match Cleveland in poverty, foreclosure, and general decay.

2. Probably the starting point for all the growing problems in Highland Hills, Maple Heights, and the Bedford area.

Antonym: Parma, Ohio
1. I was just in Warrensville Heights today and left because I felt that my life was in grave peril.

2. Any town bordering Warrensville Heights is screwed
by jarshrawb July 26, 2009

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