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101.3 fm. a radio station in minnesota that broadcasts in minneapolis and cities around it. the play mostly new pop, hip hop, rock, and some other types of music. sometimes they play a song so many times you start to hate it.

on the other hand their morning show "the dave ryan in the morning show" is probably the best most entertaining thing to listen to while driving. people on the show have a good sense of humor and are often making jokes of anything they hear about. sometimes listeners call in and complain about things that are a bunch of bull s****.
one of the people on KDWB's morning show said "im starving"

a listener calls in and says "you shouldnt say that, there are people in the world who are actually starving"
by mishae October 19, 2010
A Clear Channel hit music radio station in St. Louis Park that broadcasts to Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota. They often have to apologize to people, schools and companies for making fun of them and for the things they say on the air.
Did you hear that KDWB had to apologize for saying all the teachers gave kids herpes?
by Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn67856453569 April 19, 2009
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