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can refer to anything at any point in time when you can think of the objects name.
"can i have that thingamajig... that thingamajig right on top of the thing...you know the thingamajig?"
by Janine March 28, 2004
One whose blood alcohol content is so high, it could kill three Irishmen.
Man! Look at that Royer drink!!

I'm proud to be a Royer!

UH OH! My liver's missing! I must be a Royer.
by Janine April 29, 2005
1)A way to express happiness, joyfulness, or hyperness.

2) Something someone yells when they are riding something at a carnival, theme park, etc.
Wheee! I love this ride!
by Janine February 26, 2005
An expression used to show happiness, joyfulness, or hyperness to someone. Something to yell when you're having fun or at random. whee weeeeeeeeeee
Wheee!! I LOVE amusement parks!
by Janine February 26, 2005
Sexy girl!! the one and only!! charming!! Beautiful!! Intelligent!!
sum up in one word... ME!!
by Janine July 19, 2004
similar to a groupie and name droppers, these are people who are interested in bands and become obsessed-like, and only want to, and only try to hang around with those who are in a band, so that they become "cool by association" pretty lame but you do get them.
oh my god she is such a band hussy
by janine April 18, 2004
okay skaters are the shit, some people who are not very well educated in it seem to think that skating is just somebody pushing a piece of wood on wheels along. this may indeed be the stereotypical "skater" that people have come to know as the definition, pro skating is a lot different. skaters do tricks, bad ass tricks. they fall over they hurt themselves for sure but they get up again. damn right they are cool. skater hussys are not cool though
im a skateboarder i rock! :>
by janine April 18, 2004

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