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Peter Coffin is a youtube comedian or whatever. He kept insulting Xiaxue (Wendy Cheng the blogger) so she did some research.

She kicked his ass.

He retaliated.

She kicked his ass AGAIN. So hard.

And thus, to pull a Peter Coffin is to be a HORRIFIC failure. For more description of how badly he failed, visit Xiaxue's blog.
Yo I didn't study for that test... definitely pulled a Peter Coffin, Langtree is gonna slap me so hard...
by jang.mi March 24, 2011
Using song lyrics for a personal message or status, but having them reflect your actual thoughts too. This way, if people challenge you on the meaning, you just say, "It's a song." and you're saved.
A's personal message: "I'm just so in love with you ♪"
B: So in love with who? :O
A: Oh no one, no one... just like the song
B: Oh I see.
A: (phew... thank god for that songthought)
by jang.mi January 29, 2011

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