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having a constant urge to lie
That girl's got liarrhea!
by Janey December 12, 2003
female scuzz
Why are my boxers full of kitty chowder?
by Janey December 03, 2003
shit son, C.Lo is the numba one stunna
shit son, there goes C.Lo...
by janey December 27, 2004
Northern slang for Chewing gum. Simple but true
Do you want some chewy?
by Janey December 24, 2003
crunk juice; n. A refreshment much like Red Bull created by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, consisting of soda pop, horny goat weed, and lots of sugar. Generally drank by people who want to get hyper & crunk, desiring the feeling of being crazy & drunk.
Yo man, Ima drink dis crunk juice 'for I go to da party, is go'n be so crunk!

Dat crunk juice make you feel so horny!
by janey April 10, 2005

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