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Only the raddest website to go to when you don't know slang words. You can add stuff too. Radicle! So nifty, isn't it?
Jamie: So one time, I was talking to Chey, and she said cunt, and I didnt know what it meant.
Maya: ...
Jamie: I knew I would be retarded if I asked her, so guess what I did.
Maya: NO WAY!!!
Maya: lawl! LAWWWWLLLLL!!!!
Jamie: urbandictionary.com rox our sox :]
by jamieeeeeeeeeeeeeelovesmaya December 11, 2007
Our STUPID ASS PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH. he is a texan monkey that needs to kill himself.

BTM(big texan monkey): OO AAAA YA'LL OO AA YA'LL OO AA YA'LL

im gonna kill myself now


(big monkey president died)

by jamieeeeeeeeeeeeeelovesmaya December 11, 2007
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