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4 definitions by jamesnbk1108

To be staight-up, no joke. The realest.
John:"That dude is tryin to holla at your girl
Dave:"Fuck the bullshit, i'm gonna fix his face.
by Jamesnbk1108 February 08, 2009
To state that you are in charge of a situation. You are the leader of the pack. Others are just there for support.
I'm fuckin this goat, you're just holdin the horns.
by jamesnbk1108 February 08, 2009
Apple's Earbuds for use in their ipod. In New York and other big cities they are know to alert a mugger that you are in possession of one of these expensive pieces of shit.
I was walkin down 46th jammin out to the jonas brothers and got jacked for my ipod. Those earbuds are like mugger magnets.
by jamesnbk1108 February 08, 2009
Grinning from ear to ear, displaying all your teeth, much like a mule eating briars would look. Not to be confused with a shit eating grin.
Shirley came out of her alimony hearing lokkin like a mule eating briars.
by jamesnbk1108 February 08, 2009