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2 definitions by jamesleblanc

Adjective describing ladies of a certain girth, refinement and beauty, referring to both an overall gracefulness, and that particular lady's 'trouble section'. This elegunt creature can be seen at any neighbourhood WalMart, voting republican in one of the square states, and at any given 'all-you-can-eat' restaurant throughout North America, and many, many parts of the UK. On occasion, it can also work for men. I.e. John Travolta and Kevin Federline.
I was watching something with that Rosie O’Donnell. Wow, she is so charming, demure and soft spoken in ‘real’ life. Dare I say, she is one elegunt woman? Oh, I dare.
by jamesleblanc June 01, 2013
A neurological disease that affects just one in 6.2 million persons Worldwide, commonly characterized by random facts and figures being needlessly shared with unsuspecting passers by, about Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – possibly Canada’s ugliest city. Generally those unaffected by this syndrome are unaware of its existence, yet the compulsion involved with this disease is overwhelming. Often times those affected by this disorder are unaware of its existence, and the negative effects of this are felt more so by the diseased individual’s co-workers.
Setting: Sterile office environment. Worker A says, “Hey, has anybody seen Deborah?” And Worker B says, “Oh, yeah. She’s in the kitchen telling some arbitrary story about Hamilton…I don’t know how she does it, but every story involves Hamilton somehow. I think she may be a witch.” Worker A responds, “Oh no, she’s just got Hamilton Tourettes.”
by jamesleblanc September 15, 2008