2 definitions by james979

1.Getting into a fight with the vacuumm and the dam thing grabbing you by the neck, thus leaving a big mark on there.

2. also what losers use to leave a hickey mark on their necks cuz they caint get no real girls, pussies!!
1. dam me n the vacumm got into it the other night n the bitch left me a hickey

Loser:wat up group
Me n My guys:wtf is up with da hickey/mark on ur neck?
Loser: yea u know me and my.....
Me n my guys: shut the fuck up ya fag, u kno u caint get no pussy so u had the vacuum do that to u. wow
by James979 January 01, 2009
another way to say my clitoris for girls.....

can be used in a fun way or serious by girls that dont feel like using the word clitoris in public,
thus saying.......mike........litoris :)
Girl 1: (walking)....ouch
Girl 2: whats wrong?
Girl 1: mike litoris is sore from getting banged so much last nite...
Girl 2: well thats what happens when you get banged a lot by multiple guys...Mike Litoris is just fine.
by james979 March 02, 2009

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