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a cross between a yak and a sloth. it is only found in certain parts of europe generally on the swiz-france boarder. iain youd spent years pretending he was not one of their race but eventually ate his sister( a renound yak-sloth tradition) and continues to live his life as a yak sloth. they tend to have a changeable personality and any good mood can be halted by a swift kick to the groin.
steve: "hay is that a yak sloth (question mark)"

dave: "yer!"
by james flinder February 10, 2005
when a girl gives you a blow job you shit in your hand cum on her face and rub the shit on as well untill u produce a chocolate milk shake
steve: "she was giving me a blow job and shit so i pooed in my had and rubbed it in to her cum riddled face!!!!"
dave: "CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE, sweet dude, did she like it?"
steve: "fuck no, but thats the last time she forgets to record 24."
dave: "shit yer!!!!"
by james flinder February 10, 2005
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