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Someone who has a thick voice who is trying to sound like people who don't have a thick-sounding voice, but then again they can't help it so why bother trying?
*Listening in to my brother on the phone*...wooder, wooder, wooder
by James November 12, 2003
1-Sabertooth: A female who specializes and prefers giving oral sex to men. Saber: slang for the male penis. Tooth: Oral.
2-Sabertooth: the act of giving a BJ. Sabertoothing.
"Yo man my woman be sabertoothing my schlong all the time"

"Yeah i know Beth, she be one fine sabertooth."
by James March 05, 2004
Girls that love to gossip and can not be trusted. Hell, they even turn on there own friends. They can't think for themselves, follow the crowd of other preppy girls, and care a lot about what other people think of them and thus base how they act upon that. They do not make good for long term relationships, because their "love" for things comes and goes with public opinion. They are decieving when it comes to sex. They seem real fun to fuck, but after that 5 min joy ride the whole school will know and you'll have more girls hating you for "hurting" their "friend" then anything.
by James September 20, 2003
Slang word often refering to a Native American (usually a Navajo).
Mecos use our tax dollars to get fuckin drunk.
by James January 28, 2004
To drop a gentle hint during conversation about something that you want to be asked in more detail about, but do not want to change the subject to by yourself.
A serial shlooper would keep mentioning the name of someone they fancy, so that others will start to talk about her/him.
by James December 22, 2003
Bicth and a buzzsaw simply is a reply to a loud noise and/or supprising event.
Like heres a few examples. "Bitch and a buzzsaw that was loud!" exclaimed jonny. or "Holy shit, that bear just ass raped that guy! Bitch and a buzzsaw, i didnt see that comin!"
by james April 09, 2004
A device that may be used to smoke if you are incredibly stupid.
Hey look Luisito is smoking a brown paper bag. What a dumbfuck
by james February 18, 2005

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