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576 definitions by james

A every rand girl what thinks she is a rabbit.
Hez is bugz the best and onley 1 i no.
by James April 19, 2005
5 37
The best album on earth by the best band on earth.

fyi:to the guy who posted the 7th definition im 15 and have been listening to green day since i was 3 got a guitar at 10 could play most songs on it.first was welcome to paradise.then international superhits! came out and i thought they were over......
rock on green day! Screw bush!
by james February 23, 2005
15 47
some thing which is totally crap is waz
like when someone dose something really crap its totally waz

this is so waz
by james January 11, 2005
7 39
Sex with crap on each other
He obviously into brown sex as he smelled like shit
by James March 10, 2003
14 46
A word used by estate agents in the U.S. It means you are of a social class higher than people who just own a house. People who use this word usually also wear a cowboy hat and puff on cigars.
"I'm gonna buy some more real estate"
by James January 18, 2005
14 47
From the shitter to the mouth.
by James March 06, 2003
9 42
A random girl called hez what might think he is a rabbit or might be half rabbitism
Hez i relly cool Bugz
by James April 19, 2005
8 42