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after oral sex, the slimy substance of jizz and saliva thats gagged up on a girls face when the girl is lying down and the man is on top of her, shoving his dick deep into her mouth, causing her to gag
Nicole had candle wax all over her face when josh was done shoving his dick into her mouth. There was so much, the candle was starting dripping down her hair
by jalb November 06, 2006
a oral position where

1)a women is lieing down on a bed with her head over the side, and her head is slanted backwards

2) the guy,while standing, aggresively shoves his dick into her mouth causing her to gag and/or puke

3) all substances fromm her mouth then slide up her face and down her hair
While alone, Josh was waxing the candle stick with alexa and ended up wiht a face covered in white fluids running down her hair
by jalb November 06, 2006
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