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sexual intercourse as defined by rednecks hillbillies and what not.
Festus: hey jimbob, you know mary-jo? the waitress with the black tooth?
Jimbob: you mean your cousin?

Festus: why yes i do, you know she don't look it, but she gave a Weiner squeezin' to me last night that you wouldn't ba-leave.
jimbob: You no good,yeller bellied cousin fucker, thats muh sister your talking about!!!!
by jakerater July 22, 2009
The feeling you get when your very hungry and are under the impression that you're going to get some grub, but for whatever reason food never comes .
Jake: hey whens the pizza guy going to get here?
Frank: dude, i had to cancel the pizza I need weed money
jake : wow you dick thanks for the blue bowels
by jakerater February 03, 2011

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