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The person who threw the water bottle at Justin Bieber's head.
That bitch was God!
by jakens88 August 12, 2010
The plural of Satan, which also translates to every little fucking girl that likes Fred, The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber.
They Lucifi, the multiple of Lucifer.
by jakens88 August 12, 2010
Where a man goes on a swing and launches him self off flying and finally falling on the woman with the penis landing in the vagina.

Bro, yesterday I did a twat swing, it felt great!
by jakens88 October 05, 2010
Where you slide down a slide on to a man's penis (or dildo).
Gina went down a Phallic Slide and missed, she broke the dude's dick.
by jakens88 October 05, 2010

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