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7 definitions by jakegilmann

adv.)when riding a sheep to a distant land. and you encounter a muffin. this is known as a spheerp.
wow, i still cant believe the spheerp i had last week.
by jakegilmann June 14, 2008
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when youve been buried under an ostrich.
wheres your dad? oh, hes xinked.
by jakegilmann June 14, 2008
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short for compton. aslo for computer
person one: wheres comp?

person two: well...i got one in my house
by jakegilmann June 15, 2008
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when you or anyone around you forgetts what day it is so he/she assumes it is thursday. there is also a monday jamakin a tuesday ruby a wednesday wenis a thursday chiptin.. and a friday fluff filled firetruck
guy one: whats today thursday? *its tuesday*

guy two: *whispers to his freind* did u see that guy, he just did a thursday chiptin.
by jakegilmann June 14, 2008
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when a female inserts a cutecumber into her cooch. but first it must be covered in salad dressing and left inside for atleast 7 hours. these are preferably done on tuesdays. origonated in india as the pickled cave. later changed to the kentucky tuesday cutecumber.
guy one: whats that in your pants? its wednesday.

girl: oops.

guy two: oops.

kentucky tuesday cutecumber
by jakegilmann June 14, 2008
3 9
when in the action of spleffingyou are either climbing something or eating something.
1. omg you totally spleefed that tree! (climb)

2. please dont spleef that guy in public. (eat)
by jakegilmann June 14, 2008
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short for mother. seriously, who would use it for anything else
as in mo' fucker. or mo' trucker.
by jakegilmann June 15, 2008
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